Nirvana Buttress - Nirvana

5.9, 3 pitches

Gear Singles #0.3-5 Or can skip #5 if confident, or doubles of probably #4 if unconfident… Gear is only needed on P1 except for one #3 at the top of P2 as a directional for your follower No nuts Single 70m rope (or 60m but then have to do one extra rappel) 1 webbing for…

Touched By An Angel

Class 2

Gear Either single 70m rope or double 60m ropes for rappel #0.2-5 with doubles 0.4-3 (and maybe #0.0-0.1?) Approach 2 miles, 1,000 ft gain, 45 mins, somewhat bushwacky at end. Overall The “hand crack” climb (somewhat a fist crack), has a “tunnel” squeeze at one point and a slight traverse on a ledge, and P4…

Queen Victoria - Regular Route

5.7, 2 pitches

Gear Single #0.3-4 Some like #5 for P2 offwidth but some do without if strong climbers Single 60m rope No nuts No radio Chacos/tevas fine for approach No rappel webbing needed (bolted rappel anchors) Approach 1.2 miles, 760 ft gain, ~40 mins. On a trail except the last 0.2 miles. Time estimate 4 hours with…

Gibraltar Rock - Sedona's Scenic Cruise

5.9, 5 pitches

Gear #0.3-4 with double #0.75-3 Double 60m ropes Approach 2 miles, 1,100 ft gain, ~1hr, last half mile is off trail but has numerous cairns and pretty well travelled. Overall This one has the “scenic” traverse. Several people get stuck ropes while rappelling the first two rappels, and you need double ropes for rappelling. No…

Summit Block Rock - Dr. Rubo's Wild Ride

5.9, 4 pitches

Gear #0.5-#4 with double #0.5-3 (primarily just for P2), triple #1-3 if you want to link P1-2 (but that’s like 190′ linked and difficult) Single 60m rope 9 single alpine draws and 1 double alpine Nuts (I used 1 nut each on P1-2) Communication is mostly good, P2 can be tough to hear but basically…

Prusik Peak - Stanley-Burgner

5.10a, 6 pitches

Apparently a super high quality climb! Gear 60m rope #0.3-4 with doubles through #2, single #3-4 Nuts Approach Approaching from Colchuck Lake is about 3 miles one-way shorter than Snow Lake, and possibly a little less elevation gain although ends up being close since on the way back you’ll have to go up some first…

Slick Rock - Regular Route

5.6, 8 pitches

A long trad slabbier route up Slick Rock. It’s essentially “alpine slab climbing on granite with a few pitches of crack.” Descent is a walk off but with some 4th-5th class scrambling that some might rappel.