Miles 3.0
Elevation gain 3125
Highest elevation 8050
YDS rating 5.8
Pitches 10
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Apparently this is the “classic” route

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Rough timeline on an average/faster-than-average pace from our 7/20/2019 trip

  • 5:00 started hiking
  • 6:00 at basin
  • 7:00 at top of gully
  • 12:00 at summit (5 hrs climbing)
  • 12:15 started descending
  • 4:30 at basin (we got a bit lost descending, should have been 30 mins faster)
  • 5:40 at car


From the northeast end of the pullout, locate a trail heading down into the forest. There’s a pretty decent trail. As long as you take this trail, the “water crossing” is pretty much non-existent.

After that little crossing, the trail continues through some muddy sections and then enters the open meadow and continues up the meadow. It’s about 1 hour from the car to the basin if moving at a decent pace.


Once in the basin, you have to go up the gully. Choose the left-most gully. The ones on the right might look a bit easier, but they’re actually just about the same.

There’s some class 4 scrambling, but it’s not too terrible.

Finally, near the top, stay LEFT of the giant chockstone and start the first pitch to the left of the chockstone up on the ridge.

Pitch 1

Relatively easy climbing up to the ridge (but not the greatest protection), then belay from a tree.