Parent Pingora
YDS rating 5.8+
Pitches 12

P1 – 5.8, 200′

Consider simul-climbing… From the rope-up ledge by a tree, traverse left on some 3rd class into some 5.8, and then continue left on 2nd class and then belay as high as possible.

P2 – 5.7, 165′

P3 – 5.7

P4 – 5.8, 160′

P5 – 5.7, 165′


After reaching the true summit, head south, walking down some easy ledges. At the end of the easy ledges, look southeast and you’ll see a trail further down, which requires some 3rd (4th?) to get to; you’ll be making some 3rd/4th class moves skier’s left almost immediately from the easy ledge system. Follow this downward, southerly path until you see a large, flat, clean rock ledge to your left. I’m not sure exactly how far down it was from the true summit, but I’d estimate you’d head downwards a total of 150ft. Anyways, when you’re level with the large flat ledge to your left, the rappel anchors will be ~10ft below you. They’re impossible to see from directly above, so if you’d like to scope it before heading down to make sure you’re headed to the right spot, go to the middle of the large rock ledge on your left, then look southwest and down, and you’ll see two shiny new bolts for rappelling.

There are 4 bolted rap stations. After the 4th rap station, put away your rope, and head southeast, along a trail that will eventually become due south until the southern end of the buttress. The trail will then turn into a series of switchbacks to arrive back to flat ground.