Start date 20200804
End date 20200819


Day 1 – Driving there, 10 hours

10 hour drive to Redfish Trailhead.

Day 2 – Saddleback Lakes

8.3 miles, 2,900 ft gain. Backpack into the Saddleback Lakes, establish base camp for Elephant’s Perch and other climbs.

Day 3 – Elephant’s Perch

Scramble route, meet us at the top!

Climbing route – Mountaineer’s Route, 5.9, 7 pitches

The descent route is the scramble route so we can meet at the top and descend together!

Day 4

Scrambling option – Redfish Peak

Could also possibly go to Goat Perch, apparently there’s a class 5 scramble there, could maybe combine both.

Climbing option – Four Horsemen or Goat Perch

Four Horsemen is 5.9, 14 pitches, and apparently some loose blocks that you have to “set the belay up out of the line of fire”.

Goat Perch is 5.9, 6 pitches. Not on Mountain Project, but sounds like maybe better climbing? Rappel uses two ropes. Can’t find much info on it other than the summitpost description.

Day 5 – Move camp to Bead Lakes

8.3 miles, 2,900 ft gain

Day 6

Scramble option – Mayan Temple

Climb option – Warbonnet Peak

5.7, 6 pitches.

Day 7

Scramble option – Monte Verita

Class 4 scramble

Climb option – Cirque Lake Peak

5.9, 9 pitches.

Day 8 – Hike back out

12 miles, 2,000 ft gain (and 4,000 feet descent)… Less than 8 hours.

  • 9:00 AM – Leave camp
  • 5:00 PM – At car
  • 5:30 PM – At AirBnB

Stay in Stanley. Boys and Gary head back home?

Day 9 – Finger of Fate

Day trip. 5.8, 6 pitches. 8 miles, 2,100 ft gain of hiking round trip.

Spend the night in the same AirBnB again.

Day 10 – Drive to Missoula

But first, Goldbug Hot Spring!

Then get an AirBnB in Missoula and climb some more