Parent Ruby Mountain
Miles 9.4
Elevation gain 5488
Highest elevation 7416
Class 2

Starting elevation is 2,126.



On Mar 24, 2012 they were actually able to skin the whole thing

Less than 20 minutes of skinning along the snow-covered road brought us at 11am to some mangled tracks leading off into the woods, which eventually turned into a rough skintrack and was soon joined by an additional newer skintrack from the left, forming a mostly-smooth highway through the forest, staying on the east side of Happy Creek. Fairly easy travel, although overly steep at times, and we figured there had to be several parties ahead of us on the route on such a nice Saturday, especially given our leisurely start time. However, there would turn out to be only a single party of 4 ahead of us (that we never saw going up or down), and another party of two skiers who started just after us from the trailhead.

March 24, 2012, Ruby Mtn, North Side via Happy Crk (

We skinned the road and were able to skin a little ways up the Happy Creek trail before deciding it was too thin and that we needed to pack our skis. We paralleled the highway for a ways on the trail and realized we should have just stayed on the road much farther and connected with the trail where it was only 30 feet from the road before turning south. A set of boot tracks doing exactly that made it even more clear.

Jeff Herbert

The route meanders up to the east of happy creek until you reach and obvious bench that looks up towards the summit. From here you venture climbers left into trees until you reach the upper portion of the mountain that rolls along towards the summit ridge.


Going down

2,100 vertical feet of fully open and then very sparse trees descent before hitting dense tree line! But then mostly trees.


Ruby Mountain Ski Tour Feb 2021

Itinerary Dawn: 6:41 AM, sunrise: 7:13 AM, sunset: 5:27 PM, dusk: 5:59 PM 4:10 AM – Drive there (2:35 hour drive) 6:45 AM – Arrive, get ready 7:00 AM – Skin up! (5 miles, 5,500 ft gain, 6 hours) 1:00 PM – Summit 1:30 PM – Descend (about half in denser trees, ~3 hours?) 4:30…