Start date 20230520

This was actually really fun!

  • Skiing down was GREAT, snow was reasonably sun-softened, not too big of sun cups
  • Views were AMAZING
  • Skinning up was decent, had to boot up the two steep sections of ascent
  • Getting from top of the snow bowl to base of the rock climb was a bit challenging, that took longer than expected
  • The bottom 1 mile flat section was more annoying than expected, some sections were a little annoyingly steep (down and up) on skins and somewhat brushy and dense, but not terrible


  • 5:56 AM – Left car, skinning up
  • 8:46 AM – Top of saddle, taking off skis (2:50 hr car-to-saddle)
  • 10:06 AM – Summit (4:10 hr car-to-summit)
  • 10:46 AM – Done rappelling, hiking down
  • 11:42 AM – Skiing down
  • 11:58 AM – Done skiing, putting on skins
  • 12:10 AM – Skinning
  • 1:00 PM – Car (2:34 hr summit-to-car, 7:04 hr car-to-car)

Gear brought

  • Skis/skins/poles
  • Avy gear (although didn’t seem like there’d be any chance anything could slide anymore)
  • 35m rope (even a 30m would prolly be fine)
  • Nuts (didn’t use)
  • #0.75 and #1 cam (used both)
  • 4 alpine slings
  • Trail runners for the climb (was useful, I climb 5.10 trad but trying the 5.6 roof section in ski boots would have probably sucked)
  • Ice axe (was nice to have)