Start date 20220105

This was probably our 2nd best climb in Sedona! Super easy approach, easy rappels, only one 60m rope needed, pretty neat views. Only downsides is the climbing is just so-so… P2 is really good, but P1 is awkwardly challenging and P3-4 are just traversey and not really interesting.

Time log

  • 12:49 PM – Hiking
  • 1:15 PM – Base (26 min hike in)
  • 1:35 PM – Climbing
  • 4:05 PM – At top (2:30 hrs climbing)
  • ~4:30 PM – Back at base?

Gear brought

  • #0.5-4 with doubles 0.5-3 (used all but one #3 on P2)
  • Nuts (used one nut on P1-2 each)
  • 10 draws (8 alpine and 2 double alpine… ideally 9 alpine and 1 double alpine next time)
  • 60m rope
  • Crack gloves
  • Didn’t bring
    • Radios (a bit tough to hear on P2 but could hear each other’s shouts)
    • Webbing (all rappels are bolted)

Overall notes

  • Super nice approach, chacos/tevas are fine
  • Ditch backpacks/shoes at base, less than a 5 min walk back down to base after rappelling and you don’t want backpacks up the awkward P1!
  • P1 ⭐ was SO HARD, really awkward bulge
  • P2 ⭐⭐⭐ hand crack is actually REALLY FUN! Good size, usually #1-2 size but varies a lot so prolly good size for most hand sizes!
  • P3-4 ⭐ are kinda meh, both do a zig-zag of uninteresting climbing… P4 does have one challenging mantle move that’s protected by a bolt but still very exposed and spooky.
  • Rappel is nice! 60m EXACTLY makes it to intermediate anchor, tough to get your rappel device off since you’re basically hanging on the knots (extend your rappel device to make it easier)