Climbs (itinerary further down)

  • Zion – 5.10b T, 4 pitches, most popular route, looks pretty good, some corner crack
    • 20 min approach, 0.6 mile, 200 ft gain
    • Two pitches with some runout, and two good pitches. Idk if worth the runout, multiple people describe it as scary.
    • Walk off either one of the gullies to the climbers right (east) or more scenic descent to the NW around the Monkey Face. Sounds like a quick and easy descent.
    • 60m rope
    • Singles to #3 with doubles #0.5-2
  • Wherever I May Roam – 5.9 S, 5 pitches, sounds wandering and not that interesting, overall just easy but might be worth trying to simul or something
    • 30 min approach, 1 mile, 350 ft gain
    • Can either walk off (after one rappel) or rappel the route, rappel sounds somewhat involved, walk off has some route finding but is probably ~30 mins.
    • 60m rope
  • Voyage of the Cowdog – 5.8+ S, 3 pitches, sounds pretty fun
    • 30 min approach, 0.7 miles, 500 ft gain
    • Descent is “walk off” (very exposed scramble, but has a couple bolts), or very difficult rappel (ppl suggest downclimbing P2), both sound annoying but walk off sounds generally more preferred. 1 mile, 300 ft gain walk off back to the car.
    • 60m rope
  • Spiderman – 5.7 T, 2 pitches –
    • 30 min approach, 1.2 miles, 500 ft gain
    • Has two other single-pitch routes to do afterwards
    • Simple walk/scramble off from the top
  • Cruel Sister – 5.10a T hand crack, most popular in the Gorge –
    • Prolly <10 min approach depending on parking, 0.2 miles with 150 ft descent
  • Blood Clot next to Cruel Sister too

Nopes list

  • Dirty Pinkos – Has legit horizontal traverse for like 20 meters.


Sat – Zion (5.10b T, 4 pitches), then walk down gully back to base and do a few single pitch there, then go over to Voyage of the Cowdog (5.8+ S, 3 pitch) and then walk off and return to car

  • Bring #0.3-3 with doubles 0.5-2 and nuts

Sun – Wherever I May Roam (5.9 S, 5 pitches) then walk off and around toward Dihedrals and Mesa Verde Wall and do some single pitch and then do Spiderman (5.7 T, 3 pitches) and the two other single pitch on that

  • Doubles to #2 and single #3-4 for Spiderman and nuts